MOWI Live Lounge

MOWI Launcing our new Live LoungeThe MOWI Live lounge was born in Novemer 2019, however the idea was concieved by Sy a year before this.  Originally an old office not in use. Nevis Radio had been experimenting with live streaming with some DJ’s locally and also required a space to use for teaching purposes of the newly formed DJ academy as part of the UHI

Students from the UHI Developing skills

The initial idea was a basic room, with bed sheets and a few lights to illuminate it. During 2019 we had approached MOWI for equipment from their fund to expand our ability to hold live music events off of the back of hosting open air music events in Fort William. We required such things like vocal microphones, a dedicated mixer that could be learnt properly, and array of cables and lighting to build on our increasing inventory for external events

Upon a tour of the studios, discussing our vision of what we were looking to achieve – MOWI Kindly agreed to back this project to what you see today.

The room was extensivly taken apart, re-wired and built up 100% in house over the space of a few months.

Setup for a Live session with Radio BluThe Lounge is wired for practise and recording, on air or off air with a talkback system from our broadcast and production studios which gives us great flexibility in terms of audio production and broadcast. This was further enhanced by adding in a full video streaming suite for live video recording and streaming of performances.

The MOWI Live lounge has expanded our ability in a range of ways, however the ability to broadcast live sound and video while recording has opened up a lot of new oppertunities for the station.

Kier Gibson acoustic session

Nevis Radio was very proud to launch the MOWI Live lounge with representatives of MOWI and a number of other corporate sponsors joined by our first ever live performance with the rising local star Keir Gibson.

Nevis Radios Big night inIn the first few months of opening the Lounge, we have hosted varied events, such as Christmas Choirs, Youth groups, Local bands and Local DJ’s at our own event the ‘Nevis Radio Big Night In’ This also included the students on our DJing and music production course from the UHI to give them live performance experience with other like minded DJ’s in a 6 hour live dance show which was hosted on air and via our YouTube channel.

Trevor Reilly in the mixThe Live lounge is available for hire for any meetings, video conferences, webinars, recording and practise sessions for a cost. Get in touch with the station to find out more or check out our YouTube and Mixcloud links for content from the Lounge itself.

We would like to yet again extend our thanks to MOWI for believing in our project and supporting every single performance that passes through our facility